Meet Craig Williams:
Technical Director/Co-Founder

About Craig:

Craig is a key figure within our facilit8 team, serving as the Technical Director and Co-Founder. With an extensive career in financial services and a passion for skiing and adventure, he brings a wealth of expertise and a zest for life to our organizsation.

Work and Education History:

Craig's journey in financial services began in 2001, marking the inception of his dedication to the industry. Over the years, he has held various roles, including significant stints as both a tied financial adviser and an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA). His experience is a testament to his commitment to helping clients navigate their financial journeys.

Beyond the Office:

In his leisure time, Craig finds solace and exhilaration in skiing, a passion that fuels his spirit. He also enjoys leisurely walks with his French Bulldog, Thiago, and cherishes moments of tranquility in the great outdoors. Traveling to Spain holds a special place in his heart, allowing him to explore new horizons and cultures.

Meet Craig Williams: Technical Director/Co-Founder

Fun Fact:

Here's an intriguing tidbit about Craig: He once donned the role of a ski instructor, combining his love for skiing with the opportunity to impart his knowledge and enthusiasm to others.

Favorite Quote:

Craig draws inspiration from Seth Godin's words:

"Life is like skiing. Just like skiing, the goal is not to get to the bottom of the hill. It’s to have a bunch of good runs before the sun sets."

This quote mirrors his outlook on life, emphasizing the importance of savouring each moment and enjoying the journey.

Craig's extensive experience in financial services, his zest for skiing and adventure, and his role as a ski instructor showcase his multifaceted personality and make him a valuable leader within the facilit8 team as the Technical Director and Co-Founder.

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