Meet Kellie Larkkom-Till: Administrator / Technical Administrator

About Kellie:

Kellie Larkkom-Till is an essential member of our facilit8 team, serving as both an Administrator and Technical Administrator. With a background in business, finance, and a diverse range of interests, she brings a unique set of skills and experiences to our organization.

Work and Education Journey:

Kellie's educational journey led her to Cardiff University, where she studied Business & Finance, laying the foundation for her career. She embarked on a remarkable 12-year journey in aviation, serving as Cabin Crew and working in Operations for a private jet company. Her experiences in the aviation industry added depth to her skill set.

For the last 5 years, Kellie has ventured into the Property Investment sector, assisting overseas investors in purchasing property in the UK. Her adaptability and expertise have shone in this dynamic field.

Meet Kellie Larkkom-Till: Administrator / Technical Administrator

Beyond the Office:

In her personal life, Kellie is a devoted wife and mother, with a teenage son and a faithful canine companion named Woody. Outdoor adventures take center stage in their family life, as her husband and son share a passion for bikes. They spend a significant amount of time exploring the great outdoors, traveling around the country and Europe in their Motorhome, seeking new trails to conquer.

Kellie and her family also have a knack for renovating houses, and they're currently working on their own project. Once completed, they're already looking forward to the next exciting endeavor.

Fun Fact:

Here's an intriguing tidbit about Kellie: During a year of travel, she faced her fear of heights head-on by climbing Fox's Glacier in New Zealand, showcasing her bravery and determination.

Favourite Quotes:

Kellie draws inspiration from two meaningful quotes:

  1. "Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving." — Albert Einstein. This quote resonates deeply and is frequently quoted in her household.
  2. "You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough." — Mae West. A reminder to make the most of every moment.

Kellie's diverse background, her family's love for outdoor adventures and renovation projects, and her inspiring journey of conquering fears make her an invaluable asset to the facilit8 team as both an Administrator and Technical Administrator.

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