Meet Laura Highmore: Technical Administrator

About Laura:

Laura is a valued member of our facilit8 team, serving as a dedicated Technical Administrator. With a rich background in business support and diverse interests, she brings a unique perspective and expertise to our organisation.

Work and Education Journey:

With over 20 years of experience, Laura has served as a business support specialist and Executive Assistant in the financial, recruitment, and investment sectors. Her expertise encompasses a range of responsibilities, including administrative support, project management, and client relations. Laura has a proven track record of supporting senior executives and contributing to the success of various organisations within these industries.

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Beyond the Office:

In her personal life, Laura values spending quality time with her husband and their two young children. She has an insatiable passion for all things culinary and is often described as a food enthusiast. Laura derives immense pleasure from dining out and hosting food-centric gatherings at home. Additionally, she finds solace in leisurely strolls through the countryside and enjoys days spent basking in the sun at the beach.

Fun Fact:

While Laura might modestly claim she isn't interesting, her extensive experience and dedication to her professional and personal life tell a different story. Her passion for food and hosting showcases her love for creating memorable experiences for those around her.

Favourite Quote:

Laura finds inspiration in a simple yet powerful word:


This reflects her positive outlook and the joy she brings to her work and personal life.

Laura's extensive experience in business support, her commitment to personal and professional growth, and her vibrant personal life make her an asset to the facilit8 team as a Tech Administrator.

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