Meet Morgan Heenan: Technical Administrator

About Morgan:

Morgan Heenan plays a pivotal role in our facilit8 team as a Technical Administrator. With a background steeped in management and a passion for finance administration, Morgan brings a wealth of expertise to our organisation.

Work and Education Journey:

Morgan's career path has traversed both administrative and hospitality sectors, where management skills were honed to perfection. However, a shift towards finance administration in South Wales in 2013 marked the beginning of a specialised journey. This journey has been characterised by dedication and a commitment to excellence, making Morgan a valued member of our team.

Beyond the Office:

Outside of the office, Morgan's interests paint a colourful picture of a well-rounded individual. An avid reader, he finds solace in the pages of books. Morgan's love for the outdoors shines through his passion for hiking, gardening, and embracing nature's wonders. Since 2008, Morgan and his wife have called Cardiff home, creating a strong connection with this vibrant city.

Meet Morgan Heenan: Technical Administrator

Fun Fact:

Here's a fascinating tidbit about Morgan: Originally hailing from British Columbia, Canada, he embarked on an incredible journey by relocating to the United Kingdom on New Year's Eve in 2006. This transcontinental adventure adds an intriguing layer to Morgan's life story.

Morgan's diverse professional background, coupled with his love for literature, the great outdoors, and his fascinating journey from Canada to the UK, make him a remarkable addition to the facilit8 team.

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