Meet Stephanie Frewer: Technical Administrator

About Stephanie:

Stephanie is a versatile member of the facilit8 team, serving as our Technical Administrator. She brings a unique blend of experiences and a passion for learning and adventure to her role.

Work and Education Journey:

Stephanie embarked on her educational journey by studying History at Exeter University. However, her path took a fascinating turn when she obtained her TEFL qualification, opening doors to teach English across the globe. This marked the beginning of her love for travel and exploration.

Beyond the Office:

In her precious spare time, Stephanie is a devoted parent to an energetic two-year-old son, with a shared love for the outdoors. Summers are filled with camping trips and visits to the local beach, while winter months see them wrapped up warmly, splashing through woodland puddles.

Stephanie also dedicates herself to evening classes, where she's learning British Sign Language and currently working towards her BSL level two certification. Her journey into BSL started when she taught baby sign language to her son. Adding to the excitement, Stephanie is expecting her second child, a baby boy, due on Christmas Eve.

Meet Stephanie Frewer: Technical Administrator

Fun Fact:

Here's an intriguing tidbit about Stephanie: She spent several years living on an island, working as a Dive Instructor, where her office consisted of vibrant coral reefs. She thrived on taking people on thrilling shark dives and swimming alongside majestic dolphins.

Favourite Quote:

Stephanie's favourite quote reflects her wisdom: “We suffer more in imagination than in reality.” – Seneca. It's a reminder of the power of perspective and resilience in the face of challenges.

Stephanie's rich blend of educational background, dedication to her family, passion for languages, adventurous spirit, and her unique island-dwelling experience make her a captivating and invaluable addition to the facilit8 team in her role as a Technical Administrator.

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