Meet Stephanie Lee: Client Services Administrator

About Stephanie:

Stephanie is a dedicated Client Services Administrator at Facilit8. With a strong background in administration and customer services, her ability to build relationships and ensure smooth service delivery makes her an invaluable asset to our team.

Work and Education Journey:

Stephanie's career has been primarily focused on administration and customer services. She has excelled in building strong relationships and ensuring clients receive impeccable service.

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Beyond the Office:

As a new mum, Stephanie spends much time with her toddler. They enjoy planning day trips to parks, farms, and beaches, exploring new places, and walking. Her commitment to family and her enthusiasm for outdoor activities reflect her dynamic and active lifestyle.

Fun Fact:

Here's an intriguing tidbit about Stephanie: She spent almost six years travelling, living, and working in Canada and New Zealand. While in New Zealand, she trained for three years in boxing. Additionally, she swam competitively for Leeds in her younger years.

Favourite Quote:

Stephanie finds inspiration in the words of Marilyn Monroe:

"A wise girl knows her limits, a smart girl knows that she has none."

This quote resonates with Stephanie's belief in limitless potential and continuous self-improvement.

Stephanie's extensive experience in admin and customer service, dedication to her family, and adventurous spirit make her a valuable member of the facilit8 team as a Client Services Administrator.

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