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Heartfelt Reflections: The Core of Financial Advice and My Mission with facilit8

Heartfelt Reflections: The Core of Financial Advice and My Mission with facilit8

Today's blog will be deeply rooted in personal reflection and opinion that is wholly my own, a change from the usual value-driven blogs I have been writing. I hope that my words resonate with you and that the value that you take is in the heartfelt meaning and passion I share for the profession of financial advice and all those working tirelessly out there to bring the joy of financial planning / Financial Advice to the world.

Through these words, I hope to give you insight into who I am, why I do the work I do, and the mission behind my company, facilit8 Business Support.

I will add that I've been blessed with finding a business partner in Craig who shares and echoes my passions and desires to make the change we want to see in the profession. These words are my own and I will write them directly from my mouth, knowing that Craig could quite easily write the same article in his voice, and they would reflect the same views.

The Landscape of Financial Advice in 2024

As we journey into 2024, the world remains challenging to work in as a Financial Adviser. The introduction of Consumer Duty and the continued pressure on all organisations and Advisers alike continue to create administrative burdens and distractions for Advisers.

This Duty is not isolated to the industry but it is evident that in the bid to improve standards in the industry, it has served to unsettle public confidence in the short term with the view to a longer-term increase in consumer confidence.

Given the work I do, I have the pleasure of filling my LinkedIn Connections with Financial Advisers from all backgrounds, restricted and independent, attached or unattached from a network.

With this, I see daily the conflict between the consumer and the company and internally between Advisers and Advisers, who have varying views on what proposition serves the consumer best.

This is often played out in a clear view of the consumer, serving to deepen the feelings of distrust for the profession.

My Presupposition

I have a long history in coaching both within sports and in the personal/business world, and the presupposition of coaching is that the coachee has all the resources within them to succeed.

This is a clear differentiator between Coaching and Training.

This has me reflecting lately on what my presupposition is of a Financial Adviser or the profession of a Financial Adviser.

Through this reflection, my unwavering proposition as a whole is that financial Advisers and the profession at the very core seek to enhance the lifestyle of the consumer. I believe Financial Advice is one of the greatest means of creating contribution, one of the six human needs 6 human needs: why are they so important? (

Now, does a Financial Adviser get remunerated well for their work? Absolutely, and this should not be a source of embarrassment or shame, but rather a demonstration of shared value for the Adviser to live the life they want for their clients, a life full of joy, powered by the freedom that money/ wealth provides.

Are there exceptions to my presupposition? Yes, but taking the profession collectively, I believe to my core that this is the magic of the profession.

The Internal War

Fixed fee v Contingent Charging, Passive or Active Investments, Independent v Restricted advice

I see daily an internal war on the proposition Financial Advisers offer their clients and what's deemed by each Adviser to be correct for the consumer.

In large, I believe the passion for the industry is something to be admired, but lately, we have lost focus, leading to this internal war.

I surround myself with Financial Advisers and work with a large number of them. As a Chartered and Certified Financial Planner / Adviser, I am familiar with all schools of thought on what propositions we can offer clients, and often engage in debate on the subject and receive light-hearted ridicule from the Advisers I call friends about my proposition if it differs from theirs, and in turn have done the same.

The one thing we can all agree on is this:

It is not the tools (Proposition) that is the magic in financial advice, but the magic is in the planning and connection between the Adviser and client. We, as Financial Advisers, are the proposition and the value

The Financial Services Industry

Behind every Financial Adviser, there is a proposition built on the manufacture of products by financial services companies, who exist to create a marketable product that provides value but, in the greatest sense, drives profit for that company. There is no getting away from this fact.

This remains true no matter the cost basis, and each product carries a story as to why it is good for the end consumer, aka the client. There are so many options available to the Adviser to draw upon for the clients and Financial Advisers attach their beliefs to the tools they believe serve their clients best.

Could there be a better proposition out there? Statistically, always, when reviewing in hindsight.

This is not the point, though; the point is that each Financial Adviser believes wholeheartedly in their proposition so that they can take the story to the world and get clients to act, to do something to improve their future.

The risk to the client is not investing in what could be, through hindsight, proven to be a sub-optimal proposition, but the risk is not taking any action at all.

My Why

Taking what I have articulated above and what I truly believe to my core, this brings me to my why, my Ikikai The Philosophy of Ikigai: 3 Examples About Finding Purpose (, the reason I get out of bed in the morning.

My goal is to serve the profession of the Financial Adviser and, through that impact, improve the lives of many by removing money worries and creating desired lifestyles (the art of Financial Advice)

For me, this currently takes 3 forms:

  1. Releasing the administration burden through my company facilit8 Business Support, which distracts the Financial Adviser from spending more of their valuable time on being a Financial Adviser and creating their best work/life balance.

  2. Performance and Mindset Coaching with other Financial Adviser professionals. Helping them clear the fog and creating exceptional clarity and growth in their work and life

  3. Serving as a Financial Planner/Adviser and enjoying the magic of working with more own clients


Writing this article has been the fastest I have put one together, but my words have come from years of experience and reflection; the words are truly authentic, and I hope you feel this by reading this.

Collectively, as Financial Advisers, we can positively impact our community and the world; I truly believe that regardless of the noise.

I would love to hear from you if anyone wants to reach out, connect, or work together. Keep doing your great work, and let's build this amazing profession together.

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