Case Studies

Paraplanning and Admin Support Case Studies

Case Studies

Paraplanning and Admin Support Case Studies
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"they seamlessly integrated into our business and became integral to our success"

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Our main issue was capacity to process the reviews efficiently. Even though we had a robust process, the general day to day requirements of the admin side of the business meant that the review process was slow, too easy to not prioritise and the busy office environment meant that it was easy to miss steps or miss clients. The review completion (letter and admin) was a big burden to our paraplanning team and meant that business wasn't prioritised as the review follow up letters were holding up our pipeline.

Results Achieved:

Bringing on facilit8 gave us confidence that the review process was followed (bespoke to our office and our clients needs) and was being done uninterrupted, like a well oiled machine the reviews were invited on time, giving us the freedom to concentrate on other client work. It's opened up space from admin side, and from management as the need to manage this process has now been reduced substantially.


We have used outsourcing before for the reviews and it did not work for us. We're quite detailed with our processes already, so we needed someone who could follow our process to create the client experience we wanted. From the first call, facilit8 felt different.

We knew it would be a big investment but the time it frees up and the attention to detail and desire to get things how we want it, makes it a simple and easy process.

The people behind the scenes that complete our work, are extremely good at what they do. It's always tricky to find amazing staff, and all the team feel like they're part of the business. 

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