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Paraplanning and Admin Support Case Studies

Case Studies

Paraplanning and Admin Support Case Studies
Richard Wilson
"thanks to your team, my name was ‘up in lights’ for having a perfect PQS for 2023"

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Richard Wilson Financial Planning - Achieving Perfect PQS Score with facilit8

Richard Wilson: Dedication to Excellence in Financial Planning

Richard Wilson, a dedicated financial planner at Richard Wilson Financial Planning, has made a remarkable achievement within just 18 months of joining St. James's Place. His commitment to exceptional service and operational standards, coupled with the support from facilit8, led him to attain a perfect Partner Quality Score (PQS) for 2023. This score is a testament to the quality of service and documentation standards that Richard maintains for his clients.

The facilit8 Advantage: A Catalyst for Success

Joining St. James's Place in July 2022, Richard faced the challenge of quickly adapting to the high standards expected by the partnership. The PQS is a rigorous assessment tool used by St. James's Place to measure the quality of its advisers. Achieving a perfect score in such a short time is a significant accomplishment, demonstrating Richard's commitment to his clients and his business.

facilit8 played a crucial role in this success story. By providing comprehensive administrative and operational support, facilit8 enabled Richard to focus on what he does best – offering exceptional financial advice. The team’s expertise in managing the intricacies of the financial advice process allowed Richard to maintain high service levels, ensuring that every client interaction and piece of documentation met the highest standards.

The Impact: Client Satisfaction and Business Growth

The collaboration with facilit8 not only led to Richard achieving the perfect PQS score but also contributed to enhanced client satisfaction and business growth. Clients of Richard Wilson Financial Planning benefit from more focused and personalised advice, backed by seamless operational support. This unique combination of expert financial guidance and efficient back-end processes creates a superior client experience.

Conclusion: A Partnership for the Future

Richard Wilson's journey with facilit8 is a shining example of how the right support can propel a financial adviser to new heights. The perfect PQS score is more than just a number; it's a reflection of Richard's dedication to his clients and his relentless pursuit of excellence in financial planning.

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