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Straightforward and hassle-free, we offer all of the backend support you need from financial adviser support services to paraplanning and executive assistance

Outsource paraplanning, IFA support and more to our capable team

Handling every aspect of financial advice in-house can slow you down, leaving you with less time to spend on completing processes and bringing in new clients. facilit8 offers the ideal solution for paraplanning outsourcing, alongside tiered services in IFA compliance support, day-to-day operations and back-office administration. We provide everything you need if you're looking for a knowledgeable, highly experienced team to deliver virtual paraplanner services.


Ensuring you meet all necessary compliance is essential for your business and your clients. Our team offers outsourced paraplanning services for financial advisers, built by financial advisers. We use our extensive experience in requirements, from IFA support services to St. James's Place, to ensure you provide the highest quality and you are always on track.

Back Office IFA Support

Our team is well-equipped with specialist administrators with the knowledge and skill to quickly meet all the back office requirements your business needs. From gathering vital information to ensuring your paperwork is ready to go, our IFA compliance support services help to streamline your processes with the quality standard you'd expect from a highly experienced team.

Personal Assistant

Our team of trained assistants can handle organisation and day-to-day functionalities for you. Whether you require proper management of your diary, or you require a capable assistant with a strong understanding of the finance industry, we can provide the remote service you need to keep your business productive and efficient.


Keeping on top of the running of your business doesn't require a costly hiring process. Our executive assistant services offer a remote solution to keeping on top of client requirements, from arranging bookings to organising meetings and keeping in contact with your client base to ensure a positive reputation

Client Services

Building relationships and creating strong bonds with clients is integral for the long-term success of your business. As experienced professionals in finance, we understand how best to develop great relationships with clients, from recognising birthdays and holidays to organising networking events and days out.

St. James's Place Advisers

As part of our financial adviser support services, we're highly trained in the specific compliance measures required by St. James's Place. Our experience as partners and trained specialists ensures we have a firm grasp of your necessary processes, ensuring high quality with our tailored paraplanning services.

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