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Outsource paraplanning to a highly experienced virtual team and continue to build a thriving business

Paraplanning takes time
and money

For the average financial adviser, hiring the number of people necessary to speed up your processes and increase your client list doesn't make sense. Paraplanning outsourcing provides a viable alternative that suits your budget and is flexible to the peaks and troughs of your business. Our paraplanning services offer the solution you need to remain compliant and keep pace, without any of the risks of falling behind or dealing with costly hiring processes.

Outsourced paraplanning
services by financial advisers

When you're looking for paraplanning support, you want a team that's as knowledgeable and skilled as you are. At facilit8, we have years of experience working as independent and St. James's Place advisers. We use that expertise to provide virtual paraplanner services to our clients, streamlining your processes to make your job easier. The right financial paraplanner takes the stress out of your work while providing better customer service to your clients.

How we help

Our outsourced paraplanning costs are available on a fixed hourly fee, or as a retainer service. We chat with you to understand your needs and challenges as an adviser, and allocate a bespoke paraplanning solution to suit your particular goals. Our integrated planning solutions are as unique as your business, freeing your time, while providing recommendations and highlighting risks to allow you to focus on the most critical areas of your business.

Why outsource with facilit8?

Why choose a financial service paraplanner service instead of hiring in-house? One of the most significant benefits of facilit8 is our custom approach to services. We're experts in the industry, and we understand how it works, inside and out. This knowledge allows us to tailor our support through a multi-discipline team, hand-picked for their qualifications and vital insight into the financial industry. You can rely on our team to reduce downtime, improve progression and meet deadlines.

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Do you think you would be a good fit for our team? Get in touch with us directly to discuss our vacancies. We offer in-house training and development for strong candidates, although prior experience in the industry is preferred.

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