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Hire a remote personal assistant to handle day-to-day operations and free up your schedule

Your business is about more than bringing in new clients

Ensuring you're well-organised and able to juggle multiple client needs and requirements is essential for your success as a financial adviser. From building long-lasting relationships with your clients to ensuring deadlines are met and meetings booked, an outsourced PA provides an effective way to keep your business on track without the cost or effort of hiring an in-house professional.

Hire a remote-working PA to meet the demand

Hiring a remote personal assistant gives you the freedom not to get stuck on the smaller details of your business. As finance industry specialists, we can offer outsourced PA services tailored to your and your client’s particular requirements. From managing your diary to handling meetings, responding to emails to sending birthday gifts and cards, a high-quality remote PA can make a significant difference to your operations.

How we help

facilit8 has a multi-disciplinary team at your disposal, with highly trained PA and EA specialists already familiar with your business's challenges. Firstly, we work with you to understand your workload and demands. From there, we advise on the ideal solution that's flexible to your business needs, month-on-month. We're the ideal team for you if you're looking to work with one of the best virtual assistant companies in finance.

Why outsource with facilit8?

As financial advisers ourselves, we have a clear understanding of what you need to run your own business effectively. Every member of our team is trained and qualified to handle the day-to-day requirements you face, from juggling a full calendar of appointments to arranging meetings and chasing up clients. You can rely on us as an outsourced personal assistant specialist to deliver the same standard of excellence, in whatever service you require.

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