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As a St. James's Place partner, you need to meet the highest quality standards

All Financial Advisers adhere to high standards of compliance and regulation. But when it comes to St. James's Place partners, an in-depth understanding of compliance, quality scores and internal processes is vital for success. From submitting paperwork to gathering information, a high standard of care is required for every step in the process. You need a specialist with as much insight into the specific formalities of St. James's Place as you do - and that kind of expertise can be difficult to find.

We have the experience and knowledge to support you

At facilit8, we have years of industry experience working as financial advisers. From the top down, we're highly qualified as experts in St. James's Place paraplanning. This unique blend of expertise and industry experience allows us to deliver excellent results for St. James's Place adviser support services, providing a bespoke option that's as flexible as you need your business to be. You can trust our team to understand every aspect of St. James's Place and deliver results you can rely on.

How we help

Our multi-disciplinary team can tackle all of the back-office tasks you don't have time to handle in your day-to-day work. Whether you want us to support you with quality directly, achieving consistently high scores, or you need general administrative help for costing, calculations and more, our team delivers exactly what you require. We offer fixed-price and retainer services to suit your business needs with bespoke solutions.

Why outsource with facilit8?

At facilit8, we've seen both sides of the industry. As a business founded by Financial Advisers and developed specifically to fit St. James's Place needs and requirements, there's no team better placed to maintain your high standards. Instead of hiring in-house, our remote services provide a cost-effective alternative that's flexible, professional and consistent.

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We provide services to the representatives of SJP. There is no endorsement or formal agreement held with St. James Place Wealth Management Group.

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